Web Design

What's all this then?

some blurry lights

If you're thinking, "Hold on! This fellow's made a site about himself", then you are correct.

The idea is to demonstrate what I can do with my web skills, to let people see my graphic designs, and to hear music I've been involved with.

I'm aiming to follow the standards according to the recommendations of the W3C. So far, this page has been validated as XHTML 1.0 Strict. Click on the W3C button below to check!

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Who made these images?

A cockerel statue in the British Museum, London

I took the photos and created the graphics, except where indicated. I didn't take the photos of me over on the right there, they were taken by either Lindsay Sugden or one of my friends.

The images in the "Listening To" section are taken from the artists' own web pages.

Do you like this picture of a cockerel sculpture from the British Museum in London?

Enough Already


You'll probably want to click on something, like a game. I know I would by now.

The brown horizontal bar at the top is the main navigation, any links on the right are more incidental.

Have fun!